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Live Report - Manowar - Live at SCC, Aarhus, Denmark - Sunday, January 31. 2016
Manowar - Live at SCC, Aarhus, Denmark - Sunday, January 31. 2016

For the first time ever, Manowar were going to bring their show to Aarhus. I had purchased my ticket back in March, when they were put on sale, and I had most impatiently awaited this day ever since. As luck would have it, I got sick four days prior to the concert and was in no way in top condition, as the day of the show arrived. But hey, it would.... --> More


Quick Review - Alice Cooper - School's Out
Alice Cooper - School's Out

There is something distinctly cool about this album and it took me by surprise. I was instantly suaved by the theatrical atmosphere and the multi-layered instrumentation. The songs put a clear image in my mind by means of small but inspired touches, be it Vincent's colorful voice, lyrics underlining numerous humorous references, Dunaway's o.... --> More


Quick Review - After Forever - Invisible Circles
After Forever - Invisible Circles

Released in 2004, Invisible Circles was the third full length album from After Forever, a concept album dealing with the darker aspects of a relationship gone wrong and its far reaching consequences. A well conceived concept, detailed and realized in a moving and exhilarating way, due to some truly magnificent songs and several soaring moments..... --> More


Quick Review - After Forever - Decipher
After Forever - Decipher

Decipher was After Forever's sophomore album and it is clear that they have improved in every way since the debut. The songwriting is sharper, resulting several memorable songs. Emphasis is on heavy riffs and tight musicianship and the various passages of songs fit together in a more convincing way. The music has evolved in a slightly heavi.... --> More


Quick Review - After Forever - Prison Of Desire
After Forever - Prison Of Desire

On their debut album, released in 2000, the Dutch band After Forever experiment with the marriage of female soprano and deathly growls to good effect. Prison of Desire shows signs of being a debut. Some tempo changes and melodies feel awkward while others work better. Leaden Legacy is an example of a song where a radical shift in t.... --> More


Quick Review - Adagio - Sanctus Ignis
Adagio - Sanctus Ignis

A highly promising debut from this French band playing Symphonic neo-classical heavy metal with some progressive and power tendencies. The band excels in capturing a grand atmosphere and the music is technically very impressive, especially guitarist and main songwriter Stéphan Forté lays down some outstanding work. The music has lots of orchestrati.... --> More


Album Review - Ricochet - Among The Elements
Ricochet - Among The Elements

This album is a small gem that should be snatched up at once if you're lucky enough to find it somewhere. Highly melodic, overflowing with emotion and a technical prowess that is highly impressive are key elements. Ricochet is a band from Germany playing something in between progressive rock and metal, and this was their debut. My absolute favo.... --> More


Quick Review - Eternity X - The Edge
Eternity X - The Edge

What a concept... And what an incredibly emotional way of realizing it. The Edge is a rare, daring album and one I have cherished for nearly two decades now, one of those truly inspired albums, where everything just works and new details stand out with each listen, even today, making me sit back and go "Whoa! What was that?" when I listened to .... --> More


Quick Review - Dream Theater - Awake
Dream Theater - Awake

Among an incredibly strong catalogue of releases, this is my favorite Dream Theater album. The band sounds so inspired, the atmosphere is instantly recognizable, never again captured and almost suffocating in its breadth, yet it makes the album appear as a living, breathing entity. One that marked my soul, gave me strength, belief and shaped me in .... --> More


Quick Review - Sieges Even - Sophisticated
Sieges Even - Sophisticated

This is the fastest and heaviest album Sieges Even ever made, it is also my favorite of theirs. It takes Progressive Metal to new heights.From the clever cover, through the brilliant music and lyrics, everything about this album screams quality. If you like your music a little complex and have the patience to sit down and really listen, the.... --> More


Quick Review - Virgin Steele - Invictus
Virgin Steele - Invictus

An inspiring masterpiece, filled with power, soul, honesty, magic and mighty singing. Invictus is a defining moment in the illustrous history of Virgin Steele. I still remember that fine summer day in 1998 at The Wacken Open Air Festival when they played "Veni, Vidi, Vici". A perfect moment in time, I will never forget. Invictus spl.... --> More


Quick Review - Pain of Salvation - Remedy Lane
Pain of Salvation - Remedy Lane

Remedy Lane is among my favorite albums of all time, second only to "Savatage - Streets - A Rock Opera". How the band created an album as deep, coherent, challenging, beautiful, emotional and complex as this, continues to be a wonder. The brilliant technical skills, thought provoking lyrics and divine vocals make each song on the album overflow wit.... --> More


Site News - Message From The Editor
Message From The Editor

Updated: The Latest Site Updates

January 9. 2016: Latest Site Updates I've made some small adjustments to the layout based on the feedback I have gotten. The background picture was removed, the headline changed and the smallest version of the responsive layout now automatically adjusts to the width of the screen. In addition to that I have introduced the "Al.... --> More


Quick Review - Daredevil

A superb show in every way. I loved the characters, the atmosphere, the humor and the darker elements, which the show effortlessly grabbed hold of right from the start. It didn't shy away from anything and that was a welcome sight..... --> More


Quick Review - Fates Warning - The Spectre Within
Fates Warning - The Spectre Within

25 years down the road, I still remember the exact feeling I got when I first listened to The Spectre Within, a feeling of mystical energy enveloping me by way of music, a sense of something unique, otherworldy and completely spellbinding, a vision created by music in a way I had never experienced before. I was sold instantly and to the day.... --> More


Album Review - Michael Monroe - Blackout States
Michael Monroe - Blackout States

Even if I am way too late for the party, I have been listening to a lot of Hanoi Rocks lately and enjoying the hell out of it. Clearly, they were one of those amazing bands that somehow never appeared on my radar before now, disbanded and all. Fortunately their lead singer, Michael Monroe has a solo career, 9 albums strong, and is still touring .... --> More


Album Review - Enuff Z'Nuff - Tweaked
Enuff Z'Nuff - Tweaked

After the 1985 album, which was more or less a collection of old but amazing demos, Tweaked provided the next step in the evolution of Enuff Z'nuff. This time, the troublesome times the band was going through clearly shone through in the lyrics, making for a moodier and altogether darker affair. The band's amazing hooks and ear for melodies is stil.... --> More


Movie Review - Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

Though it leaves little time for breathing, The Force Awakens succeeds in capturing the feel of the Star Wars universe and is a thoroughly entertaining, action-filled and adventurous romp through a world, where people are older but not necessarily wiser and familiar faces lurk around every corner. The movie really nails the humorous aspect of t.... --> More


Album Review - Evergrey - The Inner Circle
Evergrey - The Inner Circle

Like 2001's "In Search Of Truth", "The Inner Circle" is a concept album. This time religion and abuse are central themes. The album is not easily digested and can best be described as haunting. Evergrey is one of those bands that are instantly recognizable and the gloomy, agonizing atmosphere is ever present on "The Inner Circle". The album is more.... --> More


Book Review - Joss Whedon - Geek King of The Universe
Joss Whedon - Geek King of The Universe

Hate the title, love the book. It is a must-read for any Joss Whedon fan. About Joss Whedon, a geniusly geeky geek. Sorry. Geek geek geeeeek!! Erm... Joss Whedon! Creator of much brilliant entertainment. I discovered him with Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the TV Series, and became a fan for life. Why? Because of the layers. That show had layers, .... --> More


Book Review - World Without End
World Without End

Pillars Of The Earth was my first exposure to Ken Follet and I enjoyed it immensely. World Without End follows the same template in that it is an epic that takes place over a lifetime, in medieval times with a multitude of characters, both good and evil, who overcome obstacles and try to make the best of their lives. The world, if a bit black and w.... --> More


Quick Review - Thor: The Dark World
Thor: The Dark World

Expands the Marvel Universe in an interesting way, with a strong sense of humor and an enchanting story. Though the ending is a bit of a let down, the movie overall is a success and the bottom line is simply: Great entertainment..... --> More


Movie Review - The Cabin In The Woods - A Scream in a new decade
The Cabin In The Woods - A Scream in a new decade

Updated: Two years later…

First impression:Title: The Cabin in the WoodsGenre: HorrorCan this be any more cliché? Not really, but take a look at this:Written by Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon!If you know who these two guys are then you know that not all is what it seems. The Cabin in the Woods turns out to be a .... --> More


Quick Review - Video Game High School
Video Game High School

Updated: Short Season 3 Update

I discovered this show by chance on Netflix and was pleasantly surprised to find an extremely funny and quite clever show about gaming. The show is set in the "silly future" where gaming has evolved quite a bit. A chance encounter and a lot of luck gets Brian admitted to the prestigious Video Game High School and the moment he steps in that door th.... --> More


Album Review - Ray Wilson - Propaganda Man
Ray Wilson - Propaganda Man

"Propaganda Man" combines the sombre atmosphere from Ray Wilson's Stiltskin album, She, with the acoustic leanings of his previous two solo albums, "Change" and "The next best thing", to great effect. It doesn't have the same immediately embracing nature of "Change", but warms up with time. The darker atmosphere makes it a harder listen, but it's w.... --> More


Album Review - Enuff Z'Nuff - 1985
Enuff Z'Nuff - 1985

After their third release, Animals With Human Intelligence, Enuff Z'Nuff found themselves in various degrees of trouble. They were dropped from their label and lead guitarist, Derek Frigo had left the band. However, and most fortunately, they did not give up, but instead they dug into their extensive archive and rel.... --> More


Movie Review - Klovn Forever - Frank and Beans
Klovn Forever - Frank and Beans

The worst thing I can say about Klovn Forever, is that it is over way too soon, as if it exists on a speedier time plane. Yes, I enjoyed it. As much as the first Klovn movie and the TV series that went before it. It's brilliantly funny. If you don't know Klovn, be aware that in addition to being on a different time plane, the movie also exists .... --> More


Quote Of The Day

Riding on an endless carousel of wishes, hopes and dreams
And it seems that I loose more than I gain
All the same I remain hanging on a string
Is it wrong
Will it save me from the fall
Or will it just be broken by the wind
As it spins
All I save seems to just get taken all away

Origin: Psychotic Waltz - Hanging On A String (Lyric)

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