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Music - Album Review - Arrayan Path - IV: Stigmata


Arrayan Path - IV: Stigmata


01. Clepsydra
02. The Bible Bleeds
03. Midnight And The First-Born Massacre
04. Judas Iscariot
05. Stigmata
06. Cursed Canaan
07. Pharaoh's Wish
08. Harbringers Of Death
09. Disguising Your Soul
10. The Storyteller
11. Mystic Moon (Bonus Track)
12. Charming Paranoia (Digital bonus track)


George Kallis (Keyboards)
Nicholas Leptos (Vocals)
Paris Lambrou (Bass)
Socrates Leptos (Guitars)
Stefan Dittrich (Drums)


Heavy Metal / Power Metal

Released By / Year

Pitch Black Records / 2013

Album Review

"Is this your ticket to heaven?
Is this the word of God?"

One Word Review: Confident

Arrayan Path have hit a sore spot in my power metal heart with this album. Their music feels righteous and excellent on all levels. This makes "IV: Stigmata" my best discovery in a long while. Right from the powerful, high speed opening through to its bombastic, operatic closure with the digital bonus track Charming Paranoia, the album keeps up its momentum.

There are fast and powerful tunes that lift you high in the air with positive feelings (Example: Clepsydra), heavier and angrier songs where a hint of rage adds an aggressive edge to the album (Example: The Bible Bleeds), and last but not least, slowly moving epics that bring a sense of limitless potential to the band (Example: Stigmata).

But a shared denominator lift the songs higher than expected and that winning element is melody. Judas Iscariot, Cursed Canaan and Harbingers of Death are good examples of this infectious and quite spellbinding effect Arrayan Path's music has. Cursed Canaan has a completely overwhelming chorus and is a personal favorite.

The production is a bit muddy with a confined soundstage but that is easily overlooked, when the music is this good. Keyboard is evident and is given just the right place in the sound, where it enhances and adds atmosphere to the music. The band is tight and perform with much vigor.

It's just a great feeling to discover a band like this and realize that this is their fourth album. Last I heard, the band was working on two new albums, one Epic metal album dedicated to ancient Greek history and mythology and a more commercial melodic power metal album. Whichever comes out first, here's to a great future for Arrayan Path. Right now I will look to their past. Check this band out!

Favorite Songs: Cursed Canaan, Clepsydra, Harbingers of Death, Judas Iscariot, Stigmata

Written By Steen
Online: Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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Cursed Canaan