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Music - Quick Review - Abydos - The Little Boy's Heavy Mental Shadow Opera About The Inhabitans Of His Diary


Abydos - The Little Boy's Heavy Mental Shadow Opera About The Inhabitans Of His Diary


01. The Inhabitants Of His Diary
02. You Broke The Sun
03. Silence
04. Far Away From Heaven
05. Coppermoon (The Other Side)
06. Hyperion Sunset
07. God's Driftwood
08. Radio Earth
09. Abydos
10. Green's Guidance For A Strategy Adventure Game
11. Wild Flower Sky
12. A Boy Named Fly


Andy Kuntz (Backing Vocals, Vocals)
Andy Lill (Drums)
Michael Krauss (Guitars, Keyboards, Piano)
Stefan Glass (Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion and Loops, Piano)


Progressive Metal

Released By / Year

InsideOut / 2004

Quick Review

"Tell me where do you go
is it like we think we know?
Are the lights in the sky
just alleviations to say goodbye?"

One Word Review: Fantabulous

Maybe the most mental album title ever?

Fortunately the album lives up to its title and brings an original and challenging 70 minutes of music. It's a wonderful album that is equally progressive, melodic and spellbinding. Andy Kuntz's vocal performance is enticing to say the least and brings emotional depth to the complex concept.

Even though the songs are connected, each has its own identity and is an important brick in the, often musical-like, experience. Not surprising since the album is based on Andy's stage play, with him contributing lyrics, direction and vocal melodies while most of the music has been written by Michael Krauss and Stefan Glass, who is also responsible for the formidable and lively production which only adds to the wonder.

Highly recommended.

Favorite songs: God's Driftwood, Abydos, Far Away From Heaven, You Broken The Sun, Radio Earth, Silence, Wildflowersky, A boy named Fly.

Written By Steen
Online: Tuesday, May 20, 2014

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You Broke The Sun