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Eternity X - The Edge


01. The Edge ... (Introduction)
02. Fly Away
03. The Confession
04. The Edge Part 2 ... (The Looking Glass)
05. A Day In Verse
06. Imaginarium
07. The Edge Part 3 ... (Existence Chapter 1,000,009)
08. The Edge Of Madness
09. Rejection
10. Baptized By Fire
11. The Edge ... Legacy/Reprise

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Eternity X - Fly Away


Concept / Heavy Metal / Progressive

Released By / Year

Angular Records / 1997

Quick Review

"Tears fall like rain
Worlds apart, they sit and wonder
How things could get so wrong, when they were fine

This world, it seems insane
All these dreams are left behind them
Does it matter where or why anyway

It will be okay
Things will be all right tomorrow
After all we made it through yesterday"

One Word Review: Chilling

What a concept... And what an incredibly emotional way of realizing it.

The Edge is a rare, daring album and one I have cherished for nearly two decades now, one of those truly inspired albums, where everything just works and new details stand out with each listen, even today, making me sit back and go "Whoa! What was that?" when I listened to the whole album for the first time on the latest incarnation of my living room stereo system.

The production is spellbinding, the music is inspired, the delivery is technically brilliant and filled with emotion, the result is utterly melodic and the lyrics add multiple layers to what is already a pretty damn complex case.

The bottom line is that The Edge manages to combine every major emotion into a 74 minute work of art about the human spirit, a work of art which feels complete. I cannot give it enough praise.

The Edge remains a relevant and timeless masterpiece.

And I know that,
there is a savior,
when the day is through.

A passive knowing,
faithful wanting,
a world I know as you.

Written By Steen
Online: Friday, January 15, 2016

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Fly Away