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Music - Song Review - Sanctuary - The Mirror Black


Sanctuary - The Mirror Black


Into The Mirror Black


Heavy Metal / Power Metal / Progressive / Thrash

Released By / Year

CBS Records / 1990

Song Review

Sanctuary is one of those bands where that special feeling of hearing something new for the first time has stuck to the music and still is here many years later. This song in particular has a dark and mysterious atmosphere to it, underlined by a certain dreaming quality that sticks to the song. The opening instrumental section works perfectly as a mood-setting passage and the guitar solo that leads into the first verse is just about perfect. The guitar work is exquisite all the way through, sharp and to the point. A ton of detail in the drums and bass gives the song a life of its own and Warrel Dane's unique voice adds that extra bit of insane determination that gives the song its classic status. The lyrics deserve some reflection time as well.

Written By Steen
Online: Thursday, January 31, 2013

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The Mirror Black