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What is it?
Turn based RPG with a first person view, set in a open ended world where the player controls a party of six to eight adventurers.

My notes
Might and Magic III - Isles of Terra is a favorite among the many RPG's I have played. I played it on the Amiga in the 1990'ies and finished it after many late nights of adventuring. I booted up the game the other day just to re-explore it and promptly died right after leaving the city gates trying to fight off an army of orcs. The game was tough and addictive but also a lot of fun since it had a certain humorous touch infused in its core and didn't take itself too seriously.

For the time the graphics were excellent, being both bright, colorful and not without a touch of humor. The game was big and the world was an interesting place to explore, with dangers lurking around every corner. I have some very fond memories of completing this game and it actually felt like a satisfying accomplishment when I finally finished it. During the last moments of the game a message appeared with a score, telling me to send the score to New World Computing to receive a special honor for finishing the game. I did that and a few weeks later I was pleasantly surprised to receive a proof of finishing the game directly from its creator, Jon Van Caneghem in the form of a parchment detailing my inclusion into "The Hall of Legends". I scanned the parchment as you can see in the picture below. Cool in a distinctly nerdy way.

Might and Magic III - Finished

If you have a similar proof of your completing the game, then you're welcome to send me a picture, along with your memories of the game and I will include it here, in your honor.

Here is a link to the 90'th issue of Computer Gaming World where a review appeared.

The game can be downloaded freely of the Abandonia website, a great resource for retro gamers.

Written By Steen
Online: Wednesday, April 18, 2012