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Bryan Adams - Get Up


01. You Belong To Me
02. Go Down Rockin'
03. We Did It All
04. That's Rock And Roll
05. Don't Even Try
06. Do What Ya Gotta Do
07. Thunderbolt
08. Yesterday Was Just A Dream
09. Brand New Day
10. Don't Even Try (Acoustic)
11. We Did It All ( Acoustic)
12. You Belong To Me (Acoustic)
13. Brand New Day (Acoustic)



Released By / Year

Polydor / 2015

Quick Review

"I was doing the night shift
You were a dancer…"

One Word Review: Retro

This is one of those peculiar albums, where I found about half the songs absolutely spellbinding and the rest, rather bleh.

There is a simplicity to the album, which is taken straight out of the Sixties, and I was enchanted by a clear Beatle-esque vibe in several songs.

Through the songs that blew me away, Bryan Adams shines through with a near ethereal atmosphere and through those that don't, a too direct and basic approach, where the core of the songs don't hold up to repeated listening.

That said, I cannot get over how brilliant the good songs are. As a special bonus most of my favorites are included in acoustic versions, which are good as well. The album is short, with songs that are no-frills, straight to the point and don't overstay their welcome in any way, yet they are done with feeling, and that is what makes the album worth checking out.

The deluxe edition contains an insightful interview with Bryan on how the album came to be. This interview helped me enjoy the album for what it is; an artist with a guitar and a collection of songs, delivered straight from the heart.

Favorite songs: We Did It All, Don't Even Try, Yesterday Was just A Dream, Brand New Day

Written By Steen
Online: Saturday, September 3, 2016

Video Section

Don't Even Try

Brand New Day