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Shiraz Lane - Carnival Days


01. Carnival Days
02. The Crown
03. Harder To Breathe
04. Tidal Wave
05. Gotta Be Real
06. People Like Us
07. Shangri-La
08. War Of Mine
09. Shot Of Life
10. Hope
11. Reincarnation


Hard Rock

Released By / Year

Frontiers Records / 2018

Quick Review

One Word Review: Fresh

I discovered Shiraz Lane when they opened for Brother Firetribe in Hamburg last year. I'd checked out their debut album prior to the concert, and it sounded promising. At the show, they displayed a refreshing energy, and aired some of their new songs and my appetite was quickly wetted for their sophomore album.

Carnival Days shows the band maturing in every way, when compared to the debut. The most immediate change is in the songwriting, which adds a great diversity and several surprises to the album. Hannes' vocals have also evolved in a fantastic way.

The youthful energy is still here, and it is the spark that lights up the album and gives it its immediate, raw appeal.

From the unexpected but superb opener, through more direct rockers and mid-tempo feasts of melody and atmosphere, the album is enjoyable from start to finish.

War of Mine hooked me in right away and it was an instant favorite. That chorus is just brilliant and invites singing along with a firm, clenched fist. Harder To Breather is another instant favorite, hard rocking and utterly melodic, it is bound to be a live favorite. Other songs take time to grow, and that only makes the album more interesting. When I first heard Gotta Be Real, I instantly thought of Michael Monroe, both due to the saxophone and the song's message, and I wouldn't be surprised if he was playing the sax here.

Hope has a special grandeur, with its huge, sweeping chorus and great atmosphere. The atmosphere somehow reminds me of Nelson's "Nodody Wins In the End" from their "Because They Can" album.

Reincarnation ends the album on both a progressive and a positive note, and delivers one of the biggest surprises of the album. It is a splendid song, which works extremely well, both in music and lyrics.

Carnival Days is an excellent album, and it gives me immense hope for the future of Shiraz Lane. This band has so much promise, it is insane.

Written By Steen
Online: Saturday, August 4, 2018

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Harder To Breathe

People Like Us