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If there was ever a song that has become my favorite by a particular band in record time it is this one. Enuff Z'Nuff have delivered a plethora of gems over the past 20+ years, but this one has surpassed them all. The grand opening sets the stage for something special and suddenly slows down and brings the atmosphere down to a very close and personal level as Donnie Vie starts singing. Small things like the guitar licks in the verse sections and the most triumphant bass lines, which are all over the place, add to the atmosphere.

Donnie Vie rules this song, as if he was born to sing only this. It might also be the most personal song he has ever written. His voice is amazing throughout and conveys the message with just the right amount of heartfelt emotion. Staying with the lyrics for a second, it sounds like this was a song he needed to get out of his system. That mission is clearly accomplished to perfection.

The song has a smooth flow and there is a real sense of rising intensity as the song progresses and constantly adds another layer, with the bridge section leading to each chorus being particularly effective. The chorus is out of this world and just keeps growing. Everything builds to the final chorus where the song climaxes in harmony vocals and a final burst of passion.

If you don't know Enuff Z'Nuff then do yourself a favor and check out this song and the band.

Written By Steen
Online: Sunday, May 5, 2013

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