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Thunder - Wonder Days


01. Wonder Days
02. The Thing I Want
03. The Rain
04. Black Water
05. The Prophet
06. Resurrection Day
07. Chasing Shadows
08. Broken
09. When the Music PLayed
10. Serpentine
11. I Love the Weekend


Hard Rock

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earMUSIC / 2015

Quick Review

"I was only a kid back in '71
When I found a new place to go
Under the covers by the light of the moon
Listening to the radio
And the sound that I heard painted pictures and dreams
And memories so magical
Now I search down the dial
for some kind of spark
To light a fire in my soul"

One Word Review: Admirable

Thunder's 2015 comeback album is a great discovery.

Thunder play hard rock with a touch of blues and heaps of feeling. This is music with a strong sense of place and a deep rooted sense of yearning, brought to life by individual performances that can be felt and together, mesh perfectly into a powerful, immediate sound.

The personal and often reflective lyrics, paint vivid pictures and Danny Bowes' delivery is equally emotional and tough. His voice really shines here and the power it holds, often made me sit back and smile widely.

The band lays down a special rhythm, a groove that hits deep and just works, and I find it impossible to sit still to many of the songs here, The Thing I Want is just one example of many. In addition to that, the musicians clearly enjoy playing, as they all add great little nuances to the songs, especially guitarist Luke Morley delivers a standout performance.

Take a listen to the opening title track, and if you''re slightly like me, you will be hit by a sense of wonder the first time the chorus hits you. That feeling is the essence of the album and if you're lucky enough to feel that, you will have a splendid time. Highly recommended!

Favorite Songs: Wonder Days, Broken, When The Music Played, Black Water

Written By Steen
Online: Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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Wonder Days

Resurrection Day