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Nocturnal Rites - Phoenix


01. A Heart As Black As Coal
02. Before We Waste Away
03. The Poisonous Seed
04. Repent My Sins
05. What's Killing Me
06. A Song For You
07. The Ghost Inside Me
08. Nothing Can Break Me
09. Flames
10. Used To Be God [bonus Track]
11. Welcome To The End


Heavy Metal

Released By / Year

AFM Records / 2017

Quick Review

"I never thought I'd stand
On the edge of the world
Holding one foot off the ledge
And I can't believe I'd see
My life in reverse
Playing out inside my head"

One Word Review: Gratifying

After a 10 year hiatus, Nocturnal Rites were suddenly back with a new album in 2017. I discovered the band way back in time with The Sacred Talisman and they made a strong impression, due to their superb sense of bringing melody out of even the smallest moment.

Nocturnal Rites have always been equal to well written, highly melodic and thoroughly enjoyable Heavy Metal. After so many years, it was with great surprise I discovered their new album and after feasting on it for several months, it is clear to me that nothing much has changed, Nocturnal Rites still uphold those same principles in their music.

Take the album's first track, A Heart As Black As Coal, which opens to an aggressive riff and a forceful rhythm, before it suddenly slides into the most melodic chorus. It felt so good to experience that trademark quality again. That flow, and those sudden bursts of melodic bliss make Nocturnal Rites special. Married with strong songwriting and personal lyrics, the album makes another strong impression and shows enough depth to stay interesting.

Singer Jonny Lindqvist has a distinctive voice, filled with emotion and he still delivers. In What's Killing Me he brings a convincing edge of anger and for The Ghost Inside Me, he emotes the complex combination of frailty and power needed to give the lyrics extra meaning, and the song a fantastic epic touch.

Aside from these personal picks, the album delivers a bunch of excellent songs and really grows with each listen. I have a feeling, I will be pulling out this album in years to come, to relive this special atmosphere it has come to represent, after months of constant listening.

I am really looking forward to seeing these guys live for the first time at Sweden Rock in a few weeks. You will find me near the front row, wearing a big smile and possibly, a cow hat.

I'll come alive the day I know
I've rid all the demons inside
It never ends, it won't let go
Till all of my shadows are dead
And then I'll face the ghost inside me

Written By Steen
Online: Sunday, May 20, 2018

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A Heart As Black As Coal

Before We Waste Away

Repent My Sins

What's Killing Me