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Music - Bootleg - Enuff Z'Nuff - Chip & Ricky's Birthday Bash - Live at The Thirsty Whale, Chicago, 10-09-1993


Enuff Z'Nuff - Chip & Ricky's Birthday Bash - Live at The Thirsty Whale, Chicago, 10-09-1993


Fly High Michelle
Baby Loves You
In The Groove
Interviews (Chip & Ricky / Chip's neighbourgh / Fans)
Jealous Guy
Guitar solo
Long Way To Go
Back in the USSR (Guest guitarist)
New Thing (Cut off)
How Am I Supposed to Write a Love Song?
Rock'n World (Cut off)


Chip Z'Nuff (Bass)
Derek Frigo (Lead Guitar)
Donnie Vie (Guitar, Vocals)
Ricky Parent (Drums)


Hard Rock / Live


This is a copy of a VHS tape I traded back in the day. The tape had some problems but I still find the show special enough to share. Most of all because of Derek Frigo's splendid guitar playing. God, that guy could play something fierce (R.I.P.)

The band is celebrating Chip and Ricky's birthdays and the guy who recorded and edited this, splices the live performance with various audience reactions and interviews. Clearly the editor had a lot of fun with his video editing tools. The effects don't always work so well, but they add to the retro charm.

There are some major hiccups on the tape, especially in the first part of the show but they almost disappear after "Fly High Michelle" and "Baby Loves You". Unfortunately something is wrong with the recording, as there are small skips in the sound throughout the show.

But anyhow, onto the good stuff: In The Groove gives the show just the right vibe and Strength is a definite highlight and has some cool shots of Donnie at the piano with Frigo in the background, smoke in mouth while playing.

Other highlights include meeting Chip's neighbor, a crazy rendition of Back In The USSR, Donnie stagediving during New Thing and last but not least, hearing Frigo's playing on How Am I Supposed to Write a Love Song?.

It's just great to see and hear Derek Frigo live, playing majestic guitar solos with an ease that seems otherworldly.

Written By Steen
Online: Wednesday, September 2, 2015

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