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Nevermore - Born


This Godless Endeavor


Heavy Metal / Thrash

Released By / Year

Century Media / 2005

Song Review

"Born we are the same, within the silence, indifference be thy name
Torn we walk alone, we sleep in silent shades
The grandeur fades, the meaning never known."

Brought to life amidst a monstrous barrage of guitars, drums and aggressive vocals, Born is not exactly gentle on the nerves, nor is it apparently deserving to be praised as a melodic wonder. But it is.

The lyrics are typical of Nevermore, rebelling against conformity, reveling in individuality and seeing everything with an open mind. The words are delivered by Warrel Dane with a sneering intensity, suiting them perfectly.

I've always adored the heaviness of Nevermore. Here it is taken to new heights. Then the chorus hits. A brilliant intro, two massive riffs and a drum roll, pulls the curtain off what borders on being the most intensely shape shifting chorus ever. When the chorus takes over, the divinely melodic core of Nevermore comes forth and makes it all worth it. Intense singing along, manic headbanging and much clenching of fists ensues. I love the guitar notes, which seem to build a barrier for the music to crash against and in the same league is Van Williams use of the cymbals to add extra strength to Warrel Dane's pronunciation throughout the chorus. The way Warrel sings brings an air of understated power and he carries the melody through with an incredible flair. Add just a hint of melancholy and you have absolute perfection, right here.

Written By Steen
Online: Monday, March 17, 2014

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