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Music - Bootleg - Enuff Z'Nuff - Live at the Metro 1988


Enuff Z'Nuff - Live at the Metro 1988


A peek into the dressing Room
Round and Round
In The Groove
Sharp Shooting’ Troublemaker
Encore: Dear Prudence


Chip Z'Nuff (Bass)
Derek Frigo (Lead Guitar)
Donnie Vie (Guitar, Vocals)
Vikki Foxx (Drums)


Hard Rock / Live


This is a pretty old Enuff Z’nuff show, professionally taped in 1988 at The Metro, Chicago. The sound quality varies and the video quality isn't the best but the show is a lot of fun.

The tape I transferred the show from had some shaking problems, which especially plague the beginning of the show. Worst of all, Derek Frigo's guitar is often so far back in the sound that it's hard to hear. Fortunately it gets better from “Round and Round” and onwards, where the stuttering video also evens out. In spite of the technical problems there are tons of great moments here for any fans of Enuff Z'nuff and it's just cool to see them live in their early days, a year before they released their debut album.

The band is clearly enjoying themselves and put on a quite energetic stage show, running and jumping all over the place.

Of special mention is the glimpse into the dressing room before the show and Donnie's introduction to an early version of Superstitious, which sounds like something out of a 80'ies movie. "This one's for you Reed".

Loads of funny little details creep in throughout the shows like Chip doing sign of the cross during Money and blowing smoke in the camera during Sharp Shootin’ Troublemaker.

Chip also has a lot of funny comments through the show, a favorite being his introduction to Radio ("Turn up your Radios out there"), directed at the crowd. A few other select moments include his comment to Donnie: "You pull it more than I do", which needs to be heard in context and his introduction to Nothing ("This one’s got to do with Derek’s wallet. It’s called Nothing") .

An overdubbed audience pops up on several ocassions to much amusement, especially at the beginning and end of Sharp Shootin’ Troublemaker. The brilliant guitar solo leading into Sharp Shootin’ Troublemaker, where Chip takes over for a moment, while Derek takes a drag from his smoke is another memorable moment.

Personal favorite moment: Nothing (The song)

All in all a very entertaining show from the early days of Enuff Z'nuff, with the Beatles cover, Dear Prudence being a special bonus.

You can watch the whole show below or at my Youtube channel.

Written By Steen
Online: Thursday, September 5, 2013

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