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"Help one another
Your sister, your brother
And carry the message of love"

One Word Review: Peachy

Peach Fuzz is one of the most laid back Enuff Z'nuff albums and a bit of a freak in their catalogue. This collection of songs, some of which had been in the wild for a while when it was released, gives off a special relaxed vibe, an immediately noticeable change since the darker, heavier, Tweaked album.

There are no immediate standout songs, as on earlier albums, which had at least a few all time classics, but the album is still excellent, filled with high quality songs, and together, everything feels coherent. Seen as a collection of scraps, left off earlier albums, then I believe the songs speak for themselves. A Beatles vibe is very evident and I tend to sideline this with the 1985 release. Both share the same vibe and Peach Fuzz feels like an older brother to that album.

Peach Fuzz is in no way a flashy album, it is simply a bunch of great songs, which were fortunate enough to be officially released, and I absolutely love it.

Favorite Songs: Message of Love, Who's Got You Now, Happy Holiday, Rainy Day, Long Enough For Me, So Long, Let It Go

Written By Steen
Online: Tuesday, August 29, 2017

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Long Enough for Me