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Music - Song Review - Virgin Steele - A Cry In The Night (Acoustic)


Virgin Steele - A Cry In The Night (Acoustic)


The Book Of Burining


Acoustic / Barbaric Romantic / Heavy Metal

Released By / Year

Sanctuary Records / 2001

Song Review

This is a personal favorite from the 1983 album, "Guardians of the Flame". This version, re-recorded in 2001, is acoustic and comes with a heartfelt performance by David Defeis. It is incredible how much passion is captured here, with just voice and acoustic guitar. This is one of the reasons I hail David Defeis as one of my favorite vocalists and Virgin Steele as one of my favorite bands. Their music has so many layers, so many contrasts, ranging from absolute power to heart-wrenching tenderness, all delivered with equal amounts of passion. I love it.

Written By Steen
Online: Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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A Cry In The Night (Acoustic)