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Music - Song Review - Robby Valentine - Here, There And Everywhere (Beatles Cover)


Robby Valentine - Here, There And Everywhere (Beatles Cover)


Robby Valentine (Japanese Edition)


AOR / Melodic Rock

Released By / Year

Polydor / 1992

Song Review

Robby Valentine takes this Beatles classic and makes it, as close to his own, as could possibly be done. Opening with a stirring piano segment, the song segues easily into the first verse, where Robby's expressive voice takes the focus. No doubt, this could be labeled as overproduced, as layers upon layers of vocals and instruments build upon each other, but that is the point. This is clearly the overdramatized version of the song. Some liberties are taken and the only thing that stands out to me, as not being perfect, is the horn section in the middle part of the song. Here the song loses focus somewhat. Still, this is the best cover version of "Here, There and Everywhere", I have heard.

Written By Steen
Online: Sunday, November 11, 2012

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Here, There And Everywhere (Beatles Cover)