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Music - Quick Review - After Forever - Invisible Circles


After Forever - Invisible Circles


01. Childhood In Minor
02. Beautiful Emptiness
03. Between Love And Fire
04. Sins Of Idealism
05. Eccentric
06. Digital Deceit
07. Through Square Eyes
08. Blind Pain
09. Two Sides
10. Victim Of Choices
11. Reflections
12. Life's Vortex


Concept / Female Vocals / Heavy Metal / Symphonic

Released By / Year

Transmission Records / 2004

Quick Review

One Word Review: Foreverish

Released in 2004, Invisible Circles was the third full length album from After Forever, a concept album dealing with the darker aspects of a relationship gone wrong and its far reaching consequences. A well conceived concept, detailed and realized in a moving and exhilarating way, due to some truly magnificent songs and several soaring moments.

The band's confidence shines through and results in ultra tight musical base. The music is like a sea of raging emotions, upon which, Floor's soprano and Sander's growling unleash every one of them with so much force, that I often feel the need to sit back and go... "wow!". Both put on magnificent performances and go all out. For the first time I feel Sander Gommans vocals fit the music perfectly. His voice has evolved in a deeper, darker direction since the debut. Floor's voice is still stunning and she hits some really chilling notes throughout the album. An example is the "That's all you can see" line of Sins of Idealism.

The lyrics are well written and the artwork and booklet add to the emotional impact. Overall a fantastic achievement even if the album falls prey to The Narrator's Curse.

Written By Steen
Online: Wednesday, February 3, 2016