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Massive Wagons - House Of Noise


01. In It Together
02. Bangin' In Your Stereo
03. House Of Noise
04. Freak City
05. Hero
06. Professional Creep
07. Pressure
08. The Curry Song
09. Glorious
10. Sad, Sad Song
11. Hallescrewya
12. Matter Of Time


Hard Rock / Rock

Released By / Year

Earache Records / 2020

Album Review

"It's just once around you know
Don't get a second go
Blink and you're gone
Sing when you wanna sing
Dance when you wanna dance
This is your song"

One Word Review: Electrifying

This album was the first time I heard Massive Wagons, and they pretty much had me by the balls from the first note. Their music is high on energy, undeniably hard rocking, with massive attitude, and a great sense of humor. I was won over instantly by In It Together, and when The Curry Song arrived, I knew this was a band I would be enjoying for many years to come.

A defining factor is their sense of melody, setting the base for every song, along with the, dare I say, MASSIVE voice of lead vocalist Barry Mills. These two elements are completed by the fantastic heaviness of the music, an ultra tight delivery on bass and drums, and a ton of excellent guitar solos. All together, mad, happy headbanging ensues. This whole album is simply a great time.

Some of the songs hit home on first listen, while others grow with time. Out of the gate, Banging On Your Stereo leads the pack, with a infectious chorus, but it is also the only song I sometimes skip, here 50 listens later.

The opener In It Together is a personal favorite. It has everything I look for in a rock song. Highlights include a powerful delivery, a strong groove, a seriously great flow, an over the top vocal delivery, and best of all, the way the song peaks in its incredibly infectious chorus. The song is just total perfection all the way through, and brings an charged-to-the-max beginning to the album.

From here on out, the songs remain entertaining and varied, with no shortage of positive vibes and seriously funny lyrics. Take Freak City, which had me laughing out loud by its first verse, and manhandles stress in the most excellent way. Or the hilarious Curry Song, which nails the humor deeply infused in pretty much every song on the album. This sort of dry Monty Python-esque humor is not often delivered as successfully, as it is here, and it works in perfectly. Props to Barry Mills for delivering the lyrics in perfect balance throughout the album.

In the same vein, Glorious and HalleScrewya deliver pitch perfect irony of utmost brilliance, with comments on today’s music scene, and really showcase what I can only describe as a seriously inspired band. It is all bloody brilliant!

Looking past the inspired sense of humor and excellent lyrics, the album also delivers musically. There is so much to dig into, with Hero being one among many standout moments, as it delivers a special atmosphere and a great structure. I just love that bass line, and the lyrics ring true, and inspire on a deeper level.

Ending the album is another standout track, the 8 minute Matter of Time. It is interesting to end the album on a breather of a track, after the hard rocking onslaught that has come before, yet it works beautifully and sets up the mood for another listen to the whole thing.

I discovered Massive Wagons with this album, and I know deep within, that this is only the beginning of a long, glorious relationship. I will now venture forth back into their earlier albums, and discover their early years. Massive Wagons (Huge Jugs?) are currently in the studio recording their new album. This one has raised the bar so high, that I can only wait with baited breath to hear how they evolve from here.

I hope to catch this band live someday. I imagine their live performance will live up to the message of this album, about enjoying every moment of your life and remember to have fun.

Written By Steen
Online: Saturday, January 22, 2022

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In It Together

Bangin' In Your Stereo

House Of Noise

The Curry Song