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Pretty Maids - Kingmaker


01. When God Took A Day Off
02. Kingmaker
03. Face The World
04. Humanize Me
05. Last Beauty On Earth
06. Bull's Eye
07. King Of The Right Here And Now
08. Heaven's Little Devil
09. Civilized Monsters
10. Sickening
11. Was That What You Wanted (Look What You've Got)
12. Kingmaker (Extended Version)
13. Humanize Me (Extended Version)


Heavy Metal

Released By / Year

Frontiers / 2016

Quick Review

"You won't got to heaven, cause you don't belong
You're unjustified and disgrace your religion
Words are our weapon, our song is our tongue
sisters and brothers, death walk among us
like civilized monsters"

One Word Review: Agile

Pretty Maids continue their winning streak of excellent albums with Kingmaker, a slight deviation from their last album, Motherland (which was a deviation in itself, that took the band in a new direction with a very atmospheric keyboard sound on several songs), as it goes back to basics, so to say, by way of Morten Sandager leaving the band and taking that very special atmosphere with him (Chris Laney has since then joined the band, but after the recording, as far as I know) and the result is an album, which will sound familiar to any longtime Pretty Maids fan, even if it looses the unique atmosphere of its predecessor and is found somewhat lacking in the production department, due to a very cold, digital, pumped up sound (Does this qualify for the longest sentence ever?).

To boil it down, Kingmaker is simply classic heavy metal with bite, be it music or lyrics you focus on, you will find something to snap your neck (as well as something to sweetly caress it).

Bloody excellent!

Favorite songs: Civilized Monsters, Bull's Eye, Kingmaker, Face The World

Written By Steen
Online: Friday, November 11, 2016

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Face The World

Humanize Me

Heaven's Little Devil