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The Matrix

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Action / Science Fiction / Thriller

Released By / Year

Warner Bros. / 1999


Neo is a young software engineer and part-time hacker who is singled out by some mysterious figures who want to introduce him into the secret of 'the matrix'. The cops also seem to be after him, and he takes a chance on discovering what he has always suspected: that the world is not quite what it seems to be and a sinister conspiracy is at work.
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Quick Review

My experience of watching this for the first time was one long "Wow!"-moment of total excitement. Fortunately it still holds up. Keanu Reeves leads this science fiction story about a software engineer who "wakes up" and discovers that the world he lives in is not quite what it seems. Surreal action, crazy fighting and coolness ensues. This built an incredible base for the two sequels, which took a more existential approach.

Online: Sunday, August 25, 2013
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