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Cage - Live at Lygten Station, April 14. 2017

A strained neck and no voice, except for a weird squeaky sound, were just a few of the casualties my body had to endure, after witnessing Cage deliver a mighty, crushing performance at Lygten Station in Copenhagen. My ageing, weak body was apparently not quite ready for the onslaught of a Cage concert. How the hell I am going to survive the Sweden Rock Festival in June, I do not know…

Having met up with Mads during the afternoon and enjoying a few excellent beers before the show, I was more than ready, when we arrived at the club. We were met by Sean Peck at the door, while we were looking at the merchandise, and had a nice chat. Entering the club, I was slightly disappointed at the turnout, the band really deserved a packed club, but everyone there were totally into the band.

Guilty as charged were a good warm up, delivering a heavy, energized thrashfest.

Cage took the stage a quarter to eleven, and blasted into Planet Crusher. Already during the first song, I somehow strained my neck and it started hurting like hell. But as a fan, who has been looking forward to seeing Cage live, ever since discovering them ten years ago, there was no holding me back, so fueled by a constant intake of beer, as Mads seemed to be going back and forth between the bar and me all through the show, I paid my hurting neck no heed and proceeded to get into the music in the way I enjoy the most, headbanging, air guitar and "singing along". I must have looked like a maniac from the stage, albeit a happy one, and Sean often stuck the mic in my face for a chorus, which was shouted back with much glee.

Cage - Live at Lygten

Shoot to Kill and I Am The King brought the speed down a bit, but not the heaviness. Both songs were great to hear live. Hell Destroyer was another obvious favorite and it was delivered with all the fury and power, I could have imagined possible. I had taken center stage after the first few songs. With the small turnout, I felt a need to give everything I had, so when a spot opened up right in front of Sean, I quickly jumped over there, and stayed for the remainder of the show.

Other highlights were the brilliantly heavy From Death To Legend and Kill The Devil, as well as Flying Fortress, which was pretty damn cool to hear live.

Cage - Live at Lygten

The ultimate highlight came when the band played Black River Falls. I had mentioned my wish for this song to Sean at the door, and they honored me by adding it to the setlist. This song was just pure madness to experience live and I was rapturous and in a state of complete joy. When I found out they had cut out The Procedure in favor of Black River Falls, I was less than pleased, since I had been looking so much forward to hearing my favorite song of Ancient Evil, but still, I quickly forgave this, as the Black River Falls performance was just unforgettable.

The last song of the evening was their tribute to King Diamond, which was dedicated to Michael Denner, who was also in the audience.

The whole show was like a manic rush of adrenaline, over way too quickly, much like this review, but because of my going nuts in the front row, I am unable to fill in many of the minute details. I will, however, leave you with a strong hint to go and see Cage on this tour, if you in any way have a chance. They are playing as a tight unit and are highly impressive live.

Cage is one of the rare bands playing true classic heavy metal, honoring their legacy and stretching the boundaries to the extreme. Their music continues to be gloriously in your face, immensely powerful and hammering home the fact that these guys take their music seriously and go all in. I have waited with baited breath for seeing Cage live and I finally made it. The band delivered and my expectations were met, which says a lot. I hope it will not be another ten years before I see these guys again. Although, right now, I will make do with a few days of recuperation.

Written By Steen
Online: Sunday, April 16, 2017