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Ultima Underworld 2

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Looking Glass Studios / 1993

Quick Review

This is a huge and challenging first person RPG set in the Ultima world. Back in the day, the graphics and design were revolutionary. I have not played it since, but the memory of this game lingers on as a fantastic, deep experience. My PC had a hard time running the game, but suffering a bit of stutter was worth it. Underworld 2 was special and remains a nostalgic moment in time, I will cherish forever. A true classic.

I played much of the game to the background sound of Manowar's Sign of the Hammer, and I will forever make that connection, whenever I hear that album. Epic.

The franchise is being revived with Ultima: Ascendant, after a succesful Kickstarter, which I naturally backed and can't wait to play. More info here:

Online: Sunday, March 22, 2015