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Music - Song Review - Cain's Offering - My Queen Of Winter


Cain's Offering - My Queen Of Winter


Gather The Faithful


Power Metal

Released By / Year

Frontiers Records / 2009

Song Review

"All of my life I've been waiting for someone
To share all my kingdom with me
The silence unbroken, words left unspoken
Sign across my heart your name
My Queen of Winter, this is where you reign"

This opener from the Cain's Offering debut sets the stage for something grand. With an interesting structure, high speed, lush keys, a special atmosphere and brilliant singing, the song immediately swept me away. Through time it has kept growing.

The whole album, Gather The Faithful, managed to capture some special sense of melancholy, not usually heard in Power Metal and I am still hoping for a follow-up. Lead singer Timo Kotipelto sounds inspired and delivers one of his finest performances ever on this album. As long as you can stomach the lyrics you will be in second heaven with several of these songs. I know I am.

My Queen Of Winter has a great flow and each part of the song mesh together in a smooth way. The keyboard has a way of adding tons of atmosphere. The song rises and falls as waves of metallic wonder wash over the listener, only slowing down for the last part of the song for an effective, emotional finale.

I have a feeling I will never tire of this song.

Written By Steen
Online: Thursday, May 16, 2013

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My Queen Of Winter