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Ray Wilson - Change


01. Intro
02. Goodbye Baby Blue
03. Change
04. Along The Way
05. Yesterday
06. Beach
07. Cry If You Want To
08. Beautiful Child
09. She Fades Away
10. I Look For You There
11. Believe
12. Another Day
13. The Last Horizon


Acoustic / Rock

Released By / Year

InsideOut / 2003

Album Review

"Just when I was getting over you
You appeared from out of nowhere
A little older and wiser
but I'm at pains to believe in you"

One Word Review: Crisp


That was my first thought, when I heard Ray Wilson sing for the first time, almost 14 years ago. He has a fantastic voice filled with radiance and emotion, deep with feeling and soul. It hit me right between the eyes and I've not been able to see straight since. Ray Wilson arrived unexpectedly, and has played a part in expanding my musical universe in new directions, all the while keeping him and his band in focus since.

The music on Change is very laid back, with a focus on the acoustic guitar and Ray's captivating voice, and I must say it is the perfect mix. The album has a warm atmosphere, sucks the listener in, and doesn't let go easily.

A short atmospheric intro leads into Goodbye Baby blue and that wow-moment. It is a strong opener that has a life of its own. Acoustic and electric guitar intertwine perfectly, and the song sends across a kind of floating atmosphere. As soon as Ray starts singing, it is obvious that his voice is perfect for this kind of music. This song, along with many others on the album, is extremely catchy and has a true sing along chorus.

The fantastic, warm Change is one of many album highlights. With one of the best choruses of the album, it is also one of its most accessible songs. The acoustic guitar, along with the bass gives the song an effective drive and the overpowering feeling of believing in yourself, hits home very effectively.

My absolute favourite song has to be the sweet Along the way. Right from the start, the song keeps up a great drive, the melody is excellent and the female backing vocals are perfectly used in the chorus. I find it quite impossible not to sing along with this catchy and uplifting song.

Yesterday continues the tradition of brilliant melodies, and once again the chorus takes the crown. Beach is a slow song with a unique atmosphere, completely brought on by the melancholy of Ray's voice. He just keeps getting better through the album.

Another Day, sung with so much feeling that it gives me goosebumps, Believe, with its heartfelt lyrics about moving on and She fades away are other personal favorites on an album, which successfully keeps up its atmosphere and feeling of soul throughout, a feeling of honesty and integrity based on the fact that everything Ray sings here sounds like it comes straight from the heart.

Album closer The last horizon, is an instrumental outro and it makes you feel like you're right back at the beginning of the album. This makes for a contrast to the album title, and also makes the album feel like it's complete.

14 years after its release, Change has earned its place among my favourite releases from Ray. I am sure I will regard it as a classic in time to come, and still today, I find the songs sticking in my mind, refusing to leave me alone. Change is as great to relax to, as it is to dig into its very deep atmosphere and convincing lyrical world.

This album has a soul of its own and I highly recommend it.

Written By Steen
Online: Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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Goodbye Baby Blue

Along The Way