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Music - Bootleg - Enuff Z'Nuff - Live at The Thirsty Whale, Chicago - August 16. 1992


Enuff Z'Nuff - Live at The Thirsty Whale, Chicago - August 16. 1992


New Thing
Ricky Introduction
Takin' A Ride
Heaven Or Hell
The World Is A Gutter
In the Groove
Piano Medley (I could Never Be Without You, Hollywood Ya, The Long Way Home)
Baby Loves You
Fly High Michelle
Finger On The Trigger
Master Of Pain (Cut off)


Hard Rock / Live


The show opens in a perfect way, with a puff of smoke and Stoned. This is an early version of Stoned with different lyrics and structure, and even though the sound is not exactly great, it is pretty damn cool to hear.

Donnie looks a bit wasted after yesterday's show, but he quickly gets back in the groove.

The camera man (I hail you for recording this!) is placed right next to Chip and his bass takes over most of the sound. Frigo's guitar and Donnie's voice are often way at the back of the sound, though Frigo's guitar often shines through. Small hiccups on the tape occur in the first half of the show. The sound improves through the show though.

There is a great vibe to the show and the band seems to be in good spirits. Especially the introduction of Ricky, where they also poke fun at Vikki Foxx, is a highlight.

In The Groove is another highlight, where Derek plays the most brilliant intro, Donnie throws the mic stand into the audience and just manages to pull back the microphone in time to make his entrance to the first verse. You would think this stuff is choreographed. Just hearing Derek going all in on this track is something to cherish. R.I.P.! That moment between Donnie and Frigo at the end of the song is timeless.

Derek's solo moment right after In the Groove is also so cool to have caught on tape.

After a short speech from Chip, Donnie fools around on the keyboard with Lady Madonna, before going into a superb piano version of I Could Never Be without you. Even a runaway guitar can't ruin this moment.
Seguing into Hollywood Ya, then The Long Way Home and then Innocence, this piano segment is just so filled with emotion.

Another Derek moment to cherish is Finger On The Trigger, where he plays some devastating leads. It is clearly also a song that Donnie enjoys performing, which just adds that special magic spark to the show.

This whole video is a testament to a fantastic version of my favorite band, which would only last for a year and a half and I am overjoyed to have this show to cherish forever.

With Donnie already yawning over Fly High Michelle so few years after its release, it feels like an early sign of things to come.

One thought stayed with me for the entire concert: Incredible how Chip's hat doesn't fall off...

Sadly, the show cuts out in the middle of Master Of Pain and we never get to see how the show ended.

Written By Steen
Online: Sunday, September 9, 2018

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