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Music - Bootleg - Savatage - The Farewell Show - Live In Tampa, Florida 1992


Savatage - The Farewell Show - Live In Tampa, Florida 1992


White Witch
Jesus Saves
Tonight He Grins Again
The Dungeons Are Calling (Keith Collins on bass)
City Beneath The Surface (Keith Collins on bass)
If I Go Away
Strange Reality
Agony and Ecstasy
Of Rage And War (Chris Caffery wearing a silly hat)
She's In Love
Jon Oliva speech about the last Savatage show
Hounds (Including horns)
Strange Wings
24 Hours Ago
Jon Oliva Speech
Lily Of The Valley (Queen Cover)
A Little Too Far
Thorazine Shuffle (Smokin'!)
Summer's Rain
Mentally Yours
Hall Of The Mountain King
Gutter Ballet
Jon Oliva speech about ending an era
Somewhere in Time
When The Crowds are Gone (Only the beginning)


Chris Caffery (Guitar)
Criss Oliva (Guitar)
Johnny Lee Middleton (Bass)
Jon Oliva (Piano, Vocals)
Keith Collins (Bass)
Steve Wacholz (Drums)


Heavy Metal


This is a live recording from a concert in Tampa in 1992 known as The Farewell show because it was the last show where Jon Oliva fronted the band for a whole concert and it was supposed to be his last concert with Savatage. That is all the facts I have from the VHS tape I traded back in the day. It is also the last concert with Jon and Criss Oliva (R.I.P.) together.

The camera movement can be a challenge but the show is very special and fortunately the sound is ok. The only good thing about the camera movement is that fact that the viewer gets to feel as part of the audience. The sound of the show, Jon's inspired performance and Criss Oliva's guitar playing is enough to sustain me for the two hours the show is on. Jon's constant adlibbing and joking is extremely entertaining too. Jon has a knack for changing the lyrics of songs in the most convincing and funny way, Strange Reality comes to mind. Most importantly the set list is a dream setlist for me with songs I have never heard or found live anywhere else.

Classic moments are scattered all over the show. Here are a few:
· The ending of Agony and Ecstasy "If you ever need me, I'll be at the bar"

· A very cool moment arrives with The Dungeons Are Calling where Keith Collins takes over the bass and the original Savatage is reunited to the sound of an excellent version of Dungeons... Note Criss Oliva's brilliant solo introduction to City Beneath The Surface.

· Jon announces that Streets is probably the last Savatage album.

· This is probably the only show where Jon Oliva has said "You kick butt!!" to the audience. Through the show he is having a hard time not swearing as it is being broadcast on the radio.

· A personal highlight is If I Go Away, not only because it is my all-time favorite song, but because the delivery here is just brilliant and magical. Forever is a long time they say, but this song truly is eternal.

· The first verse of 24 Hours Ago where Bon Jovi is incorporated into the lyrics in the funniest way.

· Introducing A Little Too Far with the words "This song goes to the guys in the band because they are assholes"

· The hauntingly magical performance of Summer's Rain and THAT guitar solo.

Sadly my tape cuts out right at the beginning of what Jon has announced is the last song of the show, When The Crowds are Gone. Watching this whole show, it is a major letdown not to have the ending, but still worth it. I checked on the web and it looks like Sirens and Unusual were to follow Crowds...

What I wouldn't give to have this show in proper video quality and including the final songs, so if anyone out there has it, please let me know. This is the best thing I have, so here you go.

Written By Steen
Online: Thursday, May 23, 2013

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Legacy Comments

Saturday, June 20, 2015 - Mark Adams

I filmed the above video. Commented on the YouTube link.

Saturday, June 20, 2015 - Steen

Wow, great to hear from you. I have to hail you and thank you very much for recording the show. In spite of the problems with the video and shakiness, I really do treasure this show.