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Quote Of The Day

Chains on my wrists, locked to the floor
She used me in unimaginable ways
Sadistic pleasure, scratching my back
I served her needs until my bones cracked
The only way she knows how to love

Origin: Cage - Scarlet Witch (Lyric)

On My Mind

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Music: New Pyramaze Video
Check out the new lyric video for Fearless from the new Pyramaze album at the link below.

Link: Pyramaze - Fearless (Official Lyric Video)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Music - Now Playing: Peterik / Scherer - Risk Everything
Excellent AOR with Jim Peterik's unique touch propelling it into something quite fantastic. A must for any fans of Survivor, Pride of Lions and melodic rock in general. I'm currently completely hooked on "Broken Home". Wow.

Link: Peterik / Scherer - EPK

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