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Movies & TV - Quick Review

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Music - Video: Edguy Love Tyger Video
As catchy and fun as this is, I can't help miss their power metal days of yore.

Link: Love Tyger

Music - Now Playing: Stream of Passion - A War Of Our Own
I lost track of Stream of Passion after their first album, but this sounds extremely promising. The band financed the album through Indiegogo and the result is solid.

I've had a thing for Marcela Bovio's voice since I got their debut back in 2005 and experienced them live.

Her voice has evolved and so has the band. Both are still distinctly sweet.

Link: The Curse - Lyric Video

Friday, April 11, 2014

NI!: Message from the Webmaster
If you're wondering about the recent lack of updates on the site, then just know that I have NOT been walking the Scottish Highlands quoting the poet McTeagle or Manowar songs this time around.

Instead I was hit with some kind of flu which left me incapacitated for over a week and all I could register was a low, heartfelt groan. Before that I've been monstrously busy with a Citrix upgrade project at work.

On top of that I've realized that it has become quite bothersome to add new material, because of the way I have designed the website editing front end (More like "Not designed").

I am now getting into ASP MVC and creating this in the process to make the site much easier to maintain. In time it will allow me to put content on the site in a much quicker way. So enjoy... Eventually! (Should be pronounced as Manuel from Fawlty Towers)

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