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Host: Good Evening. I have with me Mr Arthur Frampton who has... Mr. Frampton, I understand that you, as it were, have... Well let me put it another way. I believe Mr. Frampton that whereas most people have - er - two... two.. you... you...

Frampton: I'm sorry?

Host: Ah yes, yes I see. Are you quite comfortable?

Frampton: Yes, fine thank you.

Host: Mr Frampton, er, vis a vis your... rump.

Frampton: I beg your pardon?

Host: Your rump.

Frampton: What?

Host: Er, your posterior. (Whispers) Derriere. Sit-upon.

Frampton: What's that?

Host: (whispers) Your buttocks.

Frampton: Oh, me bum!

Host: Sshhh! Well Mr Frampton, I understand that you, Mr Frampton, have a... 50% bonus in the region of what you say.

Frampton: I got three cheeks.

Host: Yes, yes, splendid, splendid...

Origin: Monty Python's Flying Circus - Season 1, Episode 2 (TV Show)

On My Mind

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Music: Manowar Kill... Bootleg Videos
I got a Copyright Infringement notice from Youtube regarding the magnificent "Manowar - Live In Athens 1994" concert, which included the complete performance of Achilles. The infringement notice was submitted by Magic Circle Music. I have now removed all Manowar live footage from my Youtube channel RevelationZTV. You can still find parts of the concert in many other places on Youtube.

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