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Slowly crossing as the river runs below
Never stopping for what's waiting soon will show
And this the last time looking back I'll see my home
For he awaits me reaching for my soul

Origin: Manowar - Bridge Of Death (Lyric)

On My Mind

Friday, September 18, 2015

RevelationZ: Site Status Update
I'm in development mode right now, working on migrating the entire site from ASP to ASP MVC. I'm about 75% finished and expect to have the new site online within the next month. Moving to ASP MVC is a pretty big project, since I am programming the whole site from scratch. New CSS, new C# code, new logic and a proper CMS interface. I'll be reusing some of the old design colors and graphics for the first version but my main focus right now is to bring the technical side of the site Into The Now and to simplify the design, thus making it easier for me to add content to the site, a main problem with the current design and a main reason for the lack of updates recently.

On a side note, I've subscribed to Tidal and suddenly have a ton of new albums in CD quality to discover. The service is not perfect, but I am positively surprised so far.

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